We Need Your Help!

UPDATE: the original blog mentioned 4 months. This update provides a more accurate timeline.

It’s been an exciting, yet challenging few months at Delect. We spent the majority of the past 7 months (4 of which I was still working at the NIH — and many sleepless nights) crafting, researching, and conceptualizing Delect. Delect is an app that allows you to make an automatic payment, with the tap of a button, at the end of your meal, without waiting for the server — regardless of how many people you are with.

How does it work?

You check-in to your favorite restaurant; invite your friends to join you at the table (to make paying easy for everyone); order, just as you normally would with your server; and when you’re ready to leave, pay with the tap of a button.

iphone_home_page iphone_check_in iphone_invite_friends iphone_total_page

We’re making things easier, and better for restaurants, too. With Delect for Restaurants, servers can now take orders directly at the table, without the need of a pen and paper, or having to go back and forth, resulting in real-time, automatic tab processing — servers, too, no longer need to spend time processing multiple credit cards.

At Delect, we believe in bold, innovative ideas, and the core of our business, is to improve the way people and restaurants interact — to make people’s lives just a little bit better.

We are in development (more long nights ahead. An intro to my very talented cofounder, Jason, is coming soon) and looking for your help to proof our concept. To do that, we are setting ourselves a challenge. From Today (September 3, 2015) until Saturday, October 3, 2015 we want to sign up 1000 Delect beta testers on our website. It’s a huge task, and we need your help to get there. Sign up for the beta here.

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– Serge

We Need Your Help!

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