Thank You!

A little bit over a week ago (October, 3), we wrapped up our beta testers campaign. While we did not reach our intended goal (here is a link to the original post), we made a step forward, and are working incredibly hard to create an amazing experience when it comes to paying at restaurants. We’re excited to have those who signed up become a part of creating that experience!

It doesn’t end there — we want to make it extremely easy to find restaurants near you, so that with the look at one app you can find your local favorites, where you can also pay effortlessly. This is what really drives us here, to create an extremely easy to use app that solves the age-old bill splitting problem, and to improve the interaction between restaurants and their customers – you. So, thanks for signing up to be a part of this journey!

As we continue to build Delect, we’re curious to know: how can we engage more users? We feel solving the restaurant bill-splitting problem requires the entire community. Share your thoughts with us in the comment session below. The owners of two compelling approaches will be invited to coffee, and a meet and chat with the founding team (Jason and I) in our DC office.

See you soon.

– Serge

Thank You!

One thought on “Thank You!

  1. Hey Guys,
    I love the concept! Especially here in Philly where servers constantly refuse to split checks. One thing I will note. Staring at your phone while at dinner has turned into a taboo act. I hate it. I hate when I am out with people and they don’t look up from their screens. The experience of dining out includes everything! From the wall decor, to the menus to the food and drinks, restaurant owners put a ton of thought into all of it. I think leveraging the hands off payment approach is your best bet. It is creating a sense of ease for both the staff and the restaurant goer, and freeing up time to enjoy the experience. I grew up in the restaurant industry and I think the last thing I would want to is buy into a product that will take my guests outside or away from the experience I’ve worked so hard to provide. Don’t be too married to the technology. I’d love to talk more, great read and best of luck!


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